Friday, 31 March 2006

Keyboard Shortcuts

Don't know what's getting into me, I'm offering techie tips left, right and centre!

I thought you might like to know about some of my favourite keyboard shortcuts - y'know, buttons you press to make stuff happen instead of having to click through menus. So:

  • Ctrl + C (i.e. hold down the Ctrl button and then tap C) - this copies whatever you have highlighted with the mouse.
  • Ctrl + V ... pastes the copied stuff wherever the cursor is.
  • Ctrl + X ... a clever clogs one this: it deletes whatever you've highlighted BUT keeps it ready for you to Ctrl + V and paste it back into existence!
  • Ctrl + Z ... for those D'oh! moments, this undoes the last thing you did
  • Ctrl + A ... selects everything in the window
  • Ctrl + S ... saves your work quickly!
There. Where would you be without me?

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Keeping Up With the Blogses

I thought I'd share two cool ways that I've been using to keep track of all the blogs that I like to read (seeing as all of a sudden my staple diet of Tina and Jools has grown to a list of over ten!). Here they are:

(1) If you're using the FireFox browser (and it's worth giving a try, tabbed browsing is so much more helpful than loads of IE windows), when you go to a blog with RSS enabled you'll see a little orange square at the right of the address bar. Click it and you can add the 'feed' to your bookmarks. Now go to your bookmarks, and it lists the most recent blog entries! Yay!

(2) Get Google with personalised home or My Yahoo. Both let you add the 'feed' from the blog of your choice by specifiying the exact address - if it's a blogspot blog it's usually the URL of the blog followed by atom.xml (e.g. mine is

There. Some random techie info to make your life simpler and mine with a little less New Testament Ministerial Seminar presentation time.

Thursday, 23 March 2006

On being sick:

While it's probably true that men moan more than women about being sick and that Kathryn was ill last week and probably was just as sick as me but didn't gurn quite so much... I'm poorly.

I thought I had fought off the common cold with my attention to drinking orange juice, eating vegetables, and taking multivitamin tablets: but no, what started off as a sore throat and eventually a streaming cold at the weekend has developed into some joy-filled flu-type-thing, complete with aching muscles, always feeling cold (except when feeling hot), difficulty of eating more than two meals in a row, interesting colours in my handkerchief, lack of concentration, bad breath and many other minor quibbles.

The problem is, of course, timing: why couldn't this have come in the previous six weeks of term, when relatively little was expected of me? Rather than this week, when I have a presentation, an assignment, a book review, a sermon clinic and a piece of coursework to hand in within a period of eight days?! Not to mention a car wash for Easter Camp, CHW Reunion and Sunday church.

Poor me.

Thank you for reading my moan. And now, on with the show! >>>

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Tina the Princess

I have been greatly amused by Tina's weekend encounter, so much so that I'm using my first ever 'BlogThis!' link in her honour. I think everyone who reads my blog also reads Tina's (i.e. both of you!) but just in case you missed it, click on the link above.