Friday, 31 March 2006

Keyboard Shortcuts

Don't know what's getting into me, I'm offering techie tips left, right and centre!

I thought you might like to know about some of my favourite keyboard shortcuts - y'know, buttons you press to make stuff happen instead of having to click through menus. So:

  • Ctrl + C (i.e. hold down the Ctrl button and then tap C) - this copies whatever you have highlighted with the mouse.
  • Ctrl + V ... pastes the copied stuff wherever the cursor is.
  • Ctrl + X ... a clever clogs one this: it deletes whatever you've highlighted BUT keeps it ready for you to Ctrl + V and paste it back into existence!
  • Ctrl + Z ... for those D'oh! moments, this undoes the last thing you did
  • Ctrl + A ... selects everything in the window
  • Ctrl + S ... saves your work quickly!
There. Where would you be without me?

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