Thursday, 17 August 2006

The Dip

It's already almost a week since Castlewellan Holiday Week ended, and I thought I'd write about 'The Dip'.

It's something that has hit me - and I suspect you (all three of you who read this!) - after every encouraging big Christian event that I've attended. I remember sitting in my bedroom after a school Christian Union weekend, close to tears, because I was on my own again. Of course, I wasn't really on my own, I had friends and family very close to hand. But sometimes you can feel lonely in spite of this - the people with whom I had shared an important spiritual moment weren't there.

It happens after Autumn Souls. It happens after Easter Camps. It even happens after some Methodist Conferences! (I know, I'm weird) ... But it also happens after Castlewellan. I have to say that it doesn't hit me as hard as it used to, mainly I think because Kathryn has also gone through the experience and we can process it together. But it's still there, this strange feeling of missing people often combined with a paradoxical non-desire to pray or read the Bible.

I just wanted to say, "hang on in there" if you're experiencing 'The Dip'. If you've felt lonely, and quite likely attacked by the evil one - STAND. I'm pondering Ephesians 6:10-20 at the moment for a sermon next week and it has reminded me that there's a battle going on, which feels especially fierce when I'm all softened-up after a week of fellowship and God-speakingness. I'm praying on the whole armour of God when I remember in the mornings, inviting God to protect my mind and to help me stand strong.