Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I've been doing some thinking. And here's the outcome... If I'm to lead one or more congregations in the near future they need to know that they can ask 'Why' I want to do something, or don't want to do something. We need to be purpose-full in all things; being aim-less is less than helpful.

So if my practice doesn't align with that which is expected, both I and the people need to know Why. Including the times when the answer is, "I messed up".

But in this age of communications technology where we rarely communicate at a deep level, I want to be able to share Why we're doing things the way we're doing them, or Why we're changing things. I want us to spend time together working out the Whys.

When a Why pops into my mind I'll try blogging it - just in case, in the future, I forget Why I'm doing something at all!

I'll also begin to label this blog, beginning with any Whys that may have snuck in already!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Christians at Work

Timothy notched another hospital on his list at the weekend, this time Craigavon Area Hospital - he had a wee infection that needed antibiotics but it was decided that he ought to get his first two days' doses intravenously. So lucky mummy got to spend the weekend with him - brought back not-so-happy memories of being in the Lagan Valley and then the Royal when he was born and had dehydration problems.

All is well now though, so don't be worrying for us!

I just wanted to encourage the Christians out there who are nurses, doctors, auxilliaries, cleaners, etc in hospital. It can be a very scary experience for those of us who have just brought a new life into the world. Then when something goes a bit wrong the sensation is not unlike that of drowning.

We thank God for the staff we met who did more than they had to, who saw us as people, who could see our fears and frustrations and tried their best to help. From the lady who changed the bin bags every day who promised to pray for us at her church prayer meeting, to the midwife who calmly explained what was happening, to the nurse who sat with Kathryn in the night, to the doctor who came in specially just to say hi. None of them talked about church. None of them talked about Jesus. They didn't need to - he shone out of them in everything they did.

Can there be anything more important than allowing the grace of God to transform us without realising, forming us into a people who love and care and bring God's Kingdom a little closer to the broken and wounded of this world?