Wednesday, 18 July 2007

New Laptop

Firstly, thanks to those of you who have sympathised with me over the previous post. Amazing that at least two of you still check my blog every now and again! Although here's a note to self - anything that's on the internet is, surprise surprise, public. I did a search on a phrase rattling in my head, wondering where I had heard it. Turns out it was me all along: 'Jesus-tinted spectacles' appears on the Internet only twice (three times now presumably), one of which is a post I made ages ago. Yay, I'm on Google!

Anyway, I'm tapping this short note in because we have a new laptop, hurray! But its hard drive just died, boooooooooo. Honestly, used a week and the hard drive failed, not good. But at least we hadn't put much onto it. Here's hoping the replacement will last a bit longer. And now I'm researching online backup services, to keep our photos and documents safe in case it happens again. When did you last backup?

Monday, 9 July 2007

Under the Knife

Last Thursday we were in a hospital, for a change. The difference this time was that it was for me! And now I'm going to tell you about it, because it seems to be a topic that isn't often mentioned...

Last Thursday I had a hernia operation. "What's a hernia?", I hear you ask: and well you might ask, because I had no idea before I got one. Essentially, it's where a bit of a man's intestine has found a weakness in muscle below his belly button, and makes a break for freedom. There's nothing overly dangerous about that, but it can get quite painful at times. So last Thursday a surgeon dealt with it.

Actually, I walked completely healthy into the Lagan Valley at Noon, was under anasthetic at 3, and home watching TV at 9pm. With a packet of paracetamol. No worries!

Until the anasthetic wore off.

I don't think I've ever been so grey. But it's alright, I'm slowly getting back on my feet although I can't drive for a while or pick up Timothy for another week or so. Daytime TV is actually beginning to bore me (oh that that would happen during exam season!) and lucky Kathryn gets to look after both her men all day.

And how does this connect in any way to Edgehill? It was at my first event as a student, the pre-term induction weekend, when Mr. Hernia first came into my life - I was in severe pain on the Saturday night and hardly slept at all. That was almost two years ago. The procrastinator in me went online, self-diagnosed myself and didn't bother going to the doctor for over a year because I was embarrassed. I've heard of other men suffering quietly for over a decade.

One thing I've learnt in the past year at College is that difficult decisions put off just complicate the matter and make things worse. Tackling the problem means involving other people to support you, using their time and energy, but it causes less pain for all in the long run.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I spent the last few days at Summer Madness as part of the prayer ministry team. What a privilege to be able to bless what God was doing in the lives of so many young people and their leaders!
One thing I was thinking is that we need to find ways of making praying for people more natural - why wait for a festival to get something brought before God? It doesn't need fancy words or dramatic gestures, just a heart after Jesus and an obedient attitude. Or is it just that we can be embarrassed to ask for prayer from friends and family? Why is that?