Friday, 15 February 2008

Dishwasher Day

One of the hardest days of the Carbon Fast is upon us - Don't Use the Dishwasher Day!

The purchase of our dishwasher was one of the best decisions we ever made for our sanity, work-life balance, back aches and general peace in the house.
But it is indeed a huge user of electricity: combined with the tumble dryer, we'd use a lot less carbon if we permanently fasted from these utilities.
So if you see me, make sure you ask whether or not I washed a load by hand rather than pushing the button.


Mr. Moo said...

Seeing as my slowdown in posting over the last few months has obviously resulted in killing off any sort of audience for my blog, I thought I'd report here to myself that I did indeed wash a load of dishes.

Took forever!

Kari said...

Well done Ross. I am seriously hoping that picture is an internet picture and not real because it actually i smaking me feel ill...and I dont even have a dishwasher!!

Mr. Moo said...

Yes Kari, it is one of the first photos I found when doing an image search of 'dishwasher'!

Do you mean you don't wash your dog this way too?